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16:42 Dec 15 2008

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Services impacting foreigners
09:27, December 11, 2008  

The Lhasa Customs Service is the accredited local office of the General Customs Administration of the People's Republic of China. It has suboffices in Xigaze, Nyalam, Shiquanhe, Gyirong and the Lhasa Post Office.

In addition, it handles customs procedures for foreigners and Tibetans residing overseas who enter or leave China through the Gonggar Airport in Lhasa. The Lhasa Customs Service has established inspection and supervision procedures and an operating system appropriate to local conditions.

The General Administration of Customs has issued new, more flexible stipulations regarding the supervision and control of the luggage of overseas Tibetans entering and leaving China. The goods imported and exported through Lhasa Customs are subject to the Customs Import and Export Tariff Regulation of the People's Republic of China, and Measures for Levy of Customs Import Tariff in Tibet of the People's Republic of China. The Lhasa Customs levies duty According to the 21-item and low-rate import tariff regulations of Tibet on goods imprted for sale within Tibet Autonomous Region.

The Administration for the Inspection of Import and Export Commodities under the government of Tibet autonomous Region conducts technical inspection of imported and exported goods. Its headquarters are in Zham, and it has branches in Chengdu City in Sichuan Province and Golmud City in Qinghai Province.

Supervision of Food Hygiene Tibet has more than 80 governmental units supervising food hygiene and inspecting food quality China's "Food Hygiene Law," "Border Health Quarantine Law," and their by-laws for implementation stipulate that as of June 1, 1992 all imported foodstuffs entering through any Tibetan port of entry must be inspected by the China Lhasa Imported Foodstuffs Supervision and Inspection Office Persons dealing in imported food must obtain a "certificate of hygiene" from the office prior to sale.

The Lhasa Animal and Plant Quarantine Institute is the animal and plant quarantine organ of the state in Tibet Autonomous Region. It has four branches in Zham, Bulang, Gyirong and Riwo respectively, and has offices at Konggar Airport and the Lhasa International Post Exchange Office. According to the Law of Exit-Entry Quarantine for Animals and Plants of the People's Republic of China, the Lhasa Animal and Plant Quarantine Institute implements exit-entry quarantine procedures on the following articles: live animals, animal products, cultivated plants, wild plants and their products or other articles under quarantine; means of transport from animal or plant epidemic-stricken areas.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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