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08:57 Dec 19 2008

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People's Daily Online introduces "China Tibet Online"
13:36, December 18, 2008  

China Tibet Online (http.//, a large-scale specialized website sponsored by People's Daily Online, has been formally launched.

China Tibet Online is committed to the establishment of an authoritative platform providing information on Tibet, offering easy access for both domestic and foreign readers to understand Tibet in a multilingual, multimedia and multi-perspective way.

Besides presenting authoritative information, the greatest characteristics of the website lie in its strengthening of mutual communication and of emphasizing information and service.

English edition

Chinese edition

Tibetan edition

Integrating news reports and information services, China Tibet Online provides the most recent and comprehensive reports on Tibet.

The site sets up various interactive columns, highlighting online interaction that taps into netizens' wisdom and reflects Tibet's economic and social development changes as well as encouraging netizens' to leave their impressions and comments more visually.

China Tibet Online has set up special topics including domestic reports, international news, Tibetan news and media comments, covering more than ten categories in the fields of Politics, Economy, Society, Culture, Religion, Environment and Travel.

The website features rich content, authoritative information and timely publications. With a simple mouse click readers are presented with all types of current affairs, political events, important news and fresh information.

The website stresses the importance of informative content, and has established many large-scale data banks containing rich information concerning culture, religion and tourism in Tibet, demonstrating to a large group of netizens the abundant culture, history, uniqueness and charm of the country.

China Tibet Online has three language editions – Chinese, Tibetan and English.

Although consistent with the main Chinese website in terms of webpage layout, the Tibetan and English websites also feature designs meticulously catered to their respective reader groups.

By People's Daily Online

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