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11:18 Jan 16 2009

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Holiday economy booms in Tibet
14:55, January 05, 2009  

Holiday economy is booming in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

"To greet 2009, we come to buy a flat-panel TV because of the sales promotion price," Tenzin, a rural Tibetan man who was busy choosing TVs told the reporter in Lanze Electronics Store in Lhasa.

As the Spring Festival as well as Tibetan New Year appraoch, sales promotion attracted many custumers to supermarkets on the Beijing Middle Road in Lhasa. Banners and advertisement posts can be seen everywhere. "Buy one and get one free!" a salesman was busy selling drinks. According to him, the products sold well and he had sold 50 pieces of drinks that day.

"Many people would like to have their own car at the beginning of the new year and we offer many favorable conditions in order to attract more consumers," said a manager of a car dealer in Lhasa.


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