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14:14 Jan 08 2009

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Cordyceps sinensis in Tibet meets price fall
14:59, January 05, 2009  

In 2008, a medicinal herb called cordyceps sinensis in the Tibet Autonomous Region posted a sharp price fall as the region supplied more cordyceps sinensis due to good weather.

Cordyceps sinensis, a kind of precious Chinese traditional medicine, is shown in this undated file photo. (Xinhua Photo)

In the regional capital of Lhasa, the price for the product is 30 percent lower than that in the previous years, according to sources from the Lhasa City Tourism Bureau.

Known as "soft gold", cordyceps sinensis is a kind of precious Chinese traditional medicine which can be found only in places with an altitude of 2,800 to 5,400 meters above sea level.


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