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14:14 Jan 08 2009

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Noted Chinese author Su Shuyang publishes "Tibet Reader"
15:03, January 05, 2009  

The renowned Chinese contemporary writer Su Shuyang, who has so far composed more than a dozen influential contemporary works, has published a new book titled "Tibet Reader", after his magnum opus "China Reader" received raves across the world.

The book came off after Su's consultation of more than 200 classics and 50 video documents of Tibet, and was revised thrice.

The book "Tibet Reader" (Photo: China Tibet Information Center)

The book begins when Princess Wencheng entered into Tibet, and ends with a description of Tibet's today and tomorrow.

"It is neither a general history nor monograph, but merely a solution to people's maze of Tibet, in-depth and straightforward, and it has a good prospect of Tibetan people's life and Tibet itself," said the author.

Su said he had three disbelieves: that he did not believe that foreigners love China's Tibet much than Chinese people themselves; that he did not beleive that westerners distorted Chinese culture and history in such a grave way; and that he did not believe some western media's reports on Tibet. He wanted to dispel all the misunderstandings through his new book.

Su Shuyang, a renownedcontemporary Chinese writer (Photo: China Tibet Information Center)

Su Shuyang is a renowned writer and screenwriter in China. His works are mostly about grassroots life in China and many of them have been translated into foreign languages and Chinese ethnic minority languages. His books are believed to have enriched the life of many, especially in the 1970s and 80s of the last century.


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