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11:08 Jan 16 2009

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12 things to benefit Lhasans in 2009
09:53, January 08, 2009  

In 2009, Lhasa government will invest more funds to do 12 practical things for Lhasa people.
The top 12 things as follows:

01. To let 2,881 victims of earthquake move into new houses before June 30, 2009.

02. Keep on housing project for 4,021 farmers and herdsmen.

03. To build 12,757 marsh gas tanks as power sources for locals.

04. To allocate 6.79 million yuan as purchase subsidies of agricultural machines and 14.11 million yuan as agricultural diesel oil subsidies.

05. To complete the expansion of seniors' home.

06. To ensure that 90 percent of people in Lhasa can get iodized salt.

07. To hand out Lhasa Evening News to herdsmen and monasteries for free.

08. Lhasa municipal financial departments allocate 4,500,000 yuan to improve working and living conditions for teachers.

09. To provide free vaccination for children among 3-15 years old.

10. To solve the problem of the safety of drinking water for 63,000 farmers and herdsmen.

11. To help develop 4 villages around Lhasa.

12. Free bus travel for people over 60.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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