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11:09 Jan 16 2009

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Tibet distributes 14.74 million yuan to businesses affected by "3.14" incident
16:35, January 14, 2009  

By the end of December 2008, Tibet had already distributed living relief funds of 14.74 million yuan to 1,050 businesses, covering 4,745 individuals, who were affected by the "3.14" incident, according to the news from the Department of Civil Affairs of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

It also provided medical aid to those who were injured and distributed relief funds totaling 727,000 yuan to them.

In order to help individuals, such as the ones employed in the hotel industry, the food and beverage industry, in commercial enterprises as well as in individually or family-owned businesses that were either smashed, robbed or set on fire during the "3.14" incident, to resolve basic living issues, the Department of Civil Affairs of Tibet provided relief funds in the full amount according to the current minimum guaranteed living standards of Lhasa urban residents, that is 260 yuan per person per month.

The living relief funds started being distributed in March 2008 and will continue to be until February 2010.

Those who do not continue relevant production and operation activities are not entitled to receive living relief funds.

By China Tibet Online

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