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10:38 Jan 19 2009

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Tourists in Lhasa now have maps that indicate directions
10:38, January 19, 2009  

In order to provide convenience to citizens, as well as to domestic and foreign tourists, the office in charge of place names at the Lhasa Civil Affairs Bureau in Tibet has recently produced special road maps of Lhasa and put them up in easily-spotted locations, Tibet Shangbao reported.

Dawa, an official from the office in charge of place names, said employees of the office had conducted field investigations for over two months prior to producing the Lhasa road maps.

The office then negotiated with relevant departments to place the maps in locations where there are large flows of people and tourists, such as train stations, bus stops and plazas.

The road maps of Lhasa use different colored lines to clearly mark items such as railways, first and second-grade primary roads, secondary roads, feeder roads and expressways heading outside the city. On the maps, citizens and tourists can clearly see the location of each road.

Source: Xinhua

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