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13:33 Feb 20 2009

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Tibet to speed up irrigation construction
15:09, February 09, 2009  

Tibet will speed up rural irrigation construction over the next few years to meet the needs of farmers and herdsmen, according to Baima Wangdui, director of the Water Resources Department of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Baima added that the Tibetan Autonomous Regional Government will launch a project to provide safe drinking water for rural residents, with emphasis placed on construction of tap water-related facilities in villages and dwelling places of farmers and herdsmen. By the end of this year, 350,000 farmers and herdsmen throughout Tibet will have been able to have access to safe drinking water.

The regional government will continue to increase the availability of electricity in rural areas, focusing on projects to replace firewood with electricity, electrify rural areas, and repair small hydropower stations, etc.

Other targets the TAR government aims to meet include stepping up construction of irrigation facilities in winter and spring, improving comprehensive agricultural and animal husbandry production capacities, and adding and improving an irrigation area of 480,000 mu (32,000 hectares).

This year the central and regional governments will spend 20 million yuan on flood control projects in rural areas and irrigation facilities in pastoral areas, especially those damaged in a quake that occurred in Damxung and Dengpa.

Source: Xinhua\agencies

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