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13:32 Feb 20 2009

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Tibet boosts forestry sector in 2008
11:08, February 10, 2009  

Tibet scored remarkable achievements in its forestry sector in 2008, especially in terms of afforestation, forestry resource management, wildlife and wetland protection, and nature reserve construction.

Last year the Forestry Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region TAR made more efforts to supervise the requisition of woods, allowed 448.1 mu (29.9 hectares) of forestry area for requisition through legal procedures, and collected 1.63 million yuan in vegetation restoration fees. 31.21 million mu (2.08 milion hectares) of noncommercial forest land was added, with 156 million yuan added as the forest ecological benefit compensation fund.

At the end of last year more than 35,000 farmer and herdsman benefited from guarding and taking care of forests, with their yearly income increased by an average of 5,400 yuan.

With efforts of the Forestry Department, 135 million yuan was invested in construction of nature reserves, and four national wildlife epidemic source and disease monitoring stations were built. Moreover, 80 import and export certificates for rare and endangered species were issued jointly by the Customs, civil airlines and other departments.

Forestry construction projects benefited farmers across Tibet last year, who increased their cash incomeby more than 290 million yuan.

Tibet's forestry output value has been increasing year by year, hitting 860 million yuan in 2008.

Source: Tibet Daily

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