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08:41 Feb 11 2009

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Group tour tickets to be booked at Potala Palace
08:41, February 11, 2009  

Starting from Jan. 1, 2009, travel agencies are able to book group tour tickets directly at the Potala Palace administration office.

The old regulation which stipulated that group tour tickets for the Potala Palace would be reserved only for the Tibet Tourism Bureau was thus revoked after running for several years.

According to Qamba Kelzang, chief of the administration office, the new procedure for group tour tickets reservation does increase the workload of the administration office, yet it is indeed an effective way to facilitate group tours of the palace.

The new procedure for group tour follows:

1. The Tibet Tourism Bureau provides the date of the planned tour, number of visitors, their names and IDs;

2. Two designated runners from each travel agency book the tickets at Potala Palace administration office three days in advance.

In addition, each group should have no more than 30 members for a tour lasting under one hour. The administration office requires tour guides to explain the new measure clearly to the visitors.

Source: Xinhua

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