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15:13 Feb 16 2009

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Why does Dalai clique incite Tibetans to boycott traditional new year?
15:13, February 16, 2009  

The illegal "Tibetan Government-in-Exile" released a circular on Feb. 7, claiming "during the Earth Ox Tibetan New Year, all festive events will be cancelled except for those religious activities." It is the "official" announcement of the "Tibetan Government-in-Exile" on celebrating the new year after "Tibetan Women's Association," "Tibetan Youth Association" and other separatist organizations incited Tibetans to boycott the upcoming festival. This has aroused wide concerns among people at home and abroad. So why did the Dalai clique instigate Tibetans not to mark the new year?

Inciting Tibetans to boycott new year celebration is an attempt to increase the impact of "Tibet Independence" inside China

The Dalai clique has come to understand that its attempt of splitting Tibet from China would never succeed and it got nowhere after all these years visiting foreign countries, making troubles at Chinese embassies or consulates, disrupting the torch relay for the Beijing Olympic Games, staging "indefinite" hunger strike, sending so-called petition letters about Tibetan human rights to international human rights organizations and politicians in the western world.

Who were adversely affected by Dalai's separatist activities overseas? It is the governments and people in the countries where such activities were held. However, the pressure arising thereafter on the Chinese government was so limited and impact on the normal life of the Tibetan people was almost insignificant.

The March 14 riot last year drew worldwide attention, aroused Chinese people's anger and severely interrupted the peaceful and happy life of Tibetans. Yet it made the Dalai clique believe that staging riots inside China is "more effective."

By inciting Tibetans to boycott the new year celebration, the Dalai clique attempts to deceive and instigate those Tibetans who are unclear about the true nature of last year's riot in terms of traditional customs and cultural life, with the purpose of expanding the influence of "Tibet Independence" inside China.

Inciting Tibetans to boycott new year celebration is to apply pressure to people in Tibet

The complete failure of the March 14 riot brought the Dalai clique to the realization that it has to change its means by turning violence into "making non-violence troubles." The Dalai clique started to incite Tibetans not to celebrate the upcoming new year before March. By doing so, it attempts to put pressure on people of various ethnic groups in Tibet, interfere in and undermine commemorative activities to mark the 50th anniversary of serfs emancipation by Tibetans and people in other parts of China, and cover up the evil history of how the three major estate-holders --local officials, nobles and upper-ranking lamas -- exploited serfs in the old Tibet.

Inciting Tibetans to boycott new year celebration to deceive Tibetans with the false impression of "non-violence"

The Dalai clique has been dreaming of "Tibet Independence" on its own wishful thinking. Last year, the so-called "Tibetan Government-in-Exile" decided on the strategy in the next step as taking "non-violent" means to "strive for" "high degree of autonomy" at the "Special Meeting of Tibetans" initiated by the Dalai Lama. "Non-violent" means are considered deceitful as they could involve participation by some people who have not seen through the true nature of Dalai.

In fact, it is the old trick of the western hostile forces and was used in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya. People will eventually see through the true nature of the Dalai clique's "non-violence" and the good-natured Tibetans will not be so easily fooled.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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