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14:33 Feb 18 2009

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'Duixie' arts family
14:31, February 18, 2009  

Together with his parents, Rgyatso, a four-grade pupil from Lhatse County Primary School of the Tibet Autonomous Region has arrived in Lhasa to perform a local dance "Duixie" for the 2009 Tibetan Losar evening gala launched by Tibet TV Station. Among more than 40 rural people who will play "Duixie", Rgyatso is the youngest actor.

As a music teacher, Rgyatso's father Tashi Wangla is the coach for this performance and his mother Dawa will be in this performance as well.

Rgyatso is learning how to play the guitar from his papa Tashi Wangla and mom Dawa.(Photo: Xinhua)

Rgyatso and his mom Dawa.(Photo: Xinhua)

Rgyatso is performing a local dance "Duixie".(Photo: Xinhua)

Rgyatso is performing a local dance "Duixie".(Photo: Xinhua)

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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