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08:38 Feb 19 2009

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Qinghai-Tibet Railway: environment-friendly "sky-high road"
08:37, February 19, 2009  

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company has taken various measures to protect the environment along the Gela Section of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway since its operation two years ago.

Li Li, a leading official of the company, said that to make restore vegetation along the railway a success, his company planted trees and grass. As a result, a 600-km-long green belt covering 4.5 million square meters has been completed.

To prevent air pollution, railway stations along the Gela Section have adopted pollution-free energy for heating, such as electricity and solar energy. For instance, the Lhasa Railway Station uses light diesel oil for fuel, with solar heating as auxiliary power.

Since the Qinghai-Tibet Railway started operation two years ago, every train running on the line has been equipped with sewage and garbage collectors. There are garbage-collecting vehicles at Golmud and Lhasa to mass-treat the refuse and garbage collected from the trains.

In addition, 15 wastewater treatment centers were set up along the Gela Section and are monitored every month to ensure that sewage is discharged according to required standards.

Source: Xinhua

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