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10:45 Mar 18 2009

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US PhD student's romance with Tibet
10:42, March 06, 2009  

A PhD Candidate of University of California-Los Angeles Heddabo Caiji told about her romance with Tibet in an interview by People's Daily in Los Angeles Tuesday.

When I was doing research in Korea in 2000, I went to a performance of Tibetan Ethnic Arts Troupe. I was attracted by the wonderful shows and a handsome artist Kajam. He's from Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northwest China's Gansu Province. After the performance, we kept in touch with each other and gradually I fell in love with this young Tibetan man."

"One year later, I went to Gannan. For the first time, I was able to have a close touch with the Tibetan culture. Kajam lived in a big family, with everything neat in yurt. All his family members were open-minded and very friendly to me. We talked by gestures and in simple Chinese words, without communication barriers."

Heddabo Caiji, PhD Candidate of University of California-Los Angeles (Photo: People's Daily)

"We got married in 2005 and in the following year we started from southern Gansu Province to make a pilgrimage to Lhasa. It took us 81 days to finish the 2,500-kilometer trip on foot, which is really the most wonderful experience in my life. We found the beauty of Tibetan rural areas is beyond all the praise. We had met a lot of pilgrims who seemed to be happy and contented on the way."

"I had such an opportunity to appreciate all aspects of Tibetan culture. I found the architectures varying in styles, which had more to do with local circumstances. For example, whether a place was used to grow vegetables or raise yaks, milk cows or sheep depended on local conditions. Some of those architectures were built with government subsidies. And people's costumes also varied from place to place."

"The moment I arrived at the Jokhang Temple, the last leg of our trip, I was terribly excited. Having completed this trip, I began to have a better understanding of my husband's culture. I can really feel it myself."

"Now I am studying culture and performance arts for a doctorate in University of California-Los Angeles. My husband is here, too. He performs in the United States and he just had a record released last year."

"I hope to revisit Tibet and my husband's family as well."

Source: Xinhua

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