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14:53 Mar 19 2009

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Japanese reporter tells you a real Tibet
15:52, March 18, 2009  

Japanese reporter Serita Shinichiro of Kyodo News Agency received an interview Monday by People's Daily about his journey to Tibet.

Part of his narration reads:

"The sun rose slowly from the horizon, the sky turning blue, the Potala Palace assuming its holy white color -- this is a splendid sunrise view that I will never forget all my life. With the upcoming of the Tibetan traditional New Year Festival, groups of prayers came to the Potala Palace from afar. They worshipped on the smooth flagstone walk, approaching the holy place inch by inch."

"On February 10, for the first time I visited Tibet as a reporter. We visited the monasteries, urban communities and rural areas and talked to local officials, monks and common people. It's really a good opportunity to experience Tibet myself. In Lhasa, I was really fascinated by peaceful streets: busy markets, brisk business, and a long queue in front of every monastery. This showed that the city's security was very good."

"In Tibetan Autonomous Shannan Prefecture, I met an old man, 73, who was a serf 50 years ago. Speaking of the present life, the old man said with a smile: 'I was cruelly abused before Tibet's peaceful liberation. Thanks to the Chinese Communist Party, I've been able to lead a happy life today.' "

Picture shows the Japanese reporter Serita Shinichiro of Kyodo News Agency. (Source: People's Daily)

"Kesong Village, where the old man lives, was the first village to carry out the democratic reform in Tibet. All households are living a prosperous life, and one household even has built a house with 13 rooms. One village official told me 'Without the democratic reform, we would not have been able to live a happy life today."

"In this January, the second annual session of the ninth Regional People's Congress approved the bill to designate March 28 as the serfs Emancipation Day, to mark the date on which about one million serfs in Tibet were freed 50 years ago.

"It's evident that what painstaking efforts the Chinese government has made to eliminate the serfdom."

Source: Xinhua

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