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13:19 Mar 19 2009

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Former Mexican official: Wish Tibet better future!
13:18, March 19, 2009  

"Those who have never been to Tibet have no right to comment," Li Ziwen, the former Mexican Ambassador to China, said in Mexico City recently.

"I have been to Tibet four times and have kept a fresh memory of each experience, which inspires a strong feeling in me."

"In 2004, I drove to many places in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, with some being remote trackless areas for visitors."

"There, I saw the most primary natural landscapes, the plainest Tibetan rural areas and the simplest smiles on kind faces. Everything was beyond praise."

Li Ziwen, the former Mexican Ambassador to China (Source: People's Daily)

"I can still well remember that one day when we reached a tiny remote village with only three or four households. There unexpectedly, we could answer mobile phones. You know, that is the most remote corner of Tibet! All this is incredible!"

"Attracted by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, I went to Tibet again in 2007, only wishing to gain experience myself. I enjoyed that trip by train very much, with the views along the way intoxicating. I think, the Chinese Government is really great to have such a railway built on the 'Roof of the World'."

"It seems to me that those who have never been to Tibet have no right to speak, for they don't know what Tibet really looks like; neither do they know all the efforts made by the Chinese Government for Tibet's construction and development. "

"I have many Tibetan friends who have gradually become prosperous by doing arts and craft business between Tibet and Beijing. A happy life can be found on people's faces as a result of economic integration of Tibet and the rest of China. From their smiles, I can read the happiness in their innermost hearts."

"Wish Tibet a better future!"

Source: Xinhua

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