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15:10 Mar 27 2009

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"Green Path" benifits impoverished patients
16:59, March 24, 2009  

Over the years, the General Armed Police Hospital of Tibet in Lhasa has been cutting or exempting medical treatment fee for local residents in need. The "green path" opened by the hospital has brought great convenience and warmth to local people.

Danzeng Quncuo, a nun in her eighties, has been enjoying the hospital's free medical care for years. The other day, she went to the hospital, complaining of chest pain and swollen lower limbs. As usual, she was warmly received by medical staff there, who conducted an overall examine including B-ultrasound, chest X-ray, electrocardio gram, etc. With free medicine in hand, the old nun blessed the staff and the Communist Party of China gratefully.

A doctor of the General Armed Police Hospital of Tibet hand out medicines for Yangyi villagers in Geda Town, Damxung County, Lhasa City, on March 18. The hospital sent a team of experts on a tour providing medical treatment for those injured in a quake in the Yangyi village while teaching local residents how to prevent and treat common diseases in spring. (Xinhua Photo)

Since launching of the "green path" program, the General Armed Police Hospital of Tibet has issued some 40 free medical care cards to senior citizens in nursing homes in Lhasa, and exempted medical treatment fee of more than 900,000 yuan for the impoverished.

Photo taken on March 18 shows a doctor of the General Armed Police Hospital of Tibet changes catheter for the 75-year-old Yangyi villager Jinba in Geda Town, Damxung County, Lhasa, Tibet. (Xinhua Photo)

Source: Tibet Daily

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