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15:42 Mar 25 2009

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Witnesses tell real stories of Democratic Reform (2)
15:42, March 25, 2009  


In the autumn of 1959, there was a good harvest throughout Tibet. It was the happiest moment for the serfs to hear that the Central People's Government declared all the crops to the growers themselves.


Before the Democratic Reform, almost all of the means of production and subsistence was in the hands of the feudal lords -- local officials, nobles and senior lamas. The serfs, accounting for 95 percent of the whole population of Tibet, had nothing at all. After the rebellion was crackled down, the property and land of the feudal lords were distributed to the serfs by the Central Government.

Happy life

Great changes have taken place with the passage of half a century.

Migmar Dondrup, now 75, lives in a big house of 300 sq m and has 33mu (5.5acres) of land to farm with an annual income of 40,000 yuan. He has ever served as director of Poor Peasant Association, deputy secretary of the Youth League Branch and head of township. He sighed with emotion: "Time and tide wait for no man. If I were a little bit younger, I could live to enjoy a happy life many years more."

Losang Qambai, farmer of Jigu Village in Maizhokunggar County, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), ties Hada (symbol of good luck in Tibet) to pillars of his new house on March 21, 2009. (Xinhua/ Sonam Lunbo)

In the fifth year after the Democratic Reform, Lhabugyi, was promoted to the head of Linzhou County. He has never forgotten the family of serf Duopuji whom he got along with in his early years. Sometimes he would call on them on his way of business trip. In 2006, paralysed Duopuji, in wheelchair, came to Lhasa to visit Lhabugyi who was retired from post, marveling at the tremendous changes in the big city.

Losang Qambai got married to a pretty girl and the couple has 11 children, three of whom college graduates. One of them has become a reporter of media under the central government who covered the Beijing Olympics last year. Satisfied with his life, Losang said with a smile: "Now, we have a very good life. You may ask me why I said so. Just go to see my new house built up last year. You can find the answer."

Source: Xinhua
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