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10:40 Apr 02 2009

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Seven questions for the Dalai Lama (3)
14:14, March 27, 2009  

Third question: Did the Dalai Lama request the PLA to withdraw from Tibet and all Han Chinese to leave?

During the 50th anniversary gathering of the so-called "Tibetan people's peaceful uprising against Communist China's repression in Tibet" held on March 10, the Dalai Lama claimed, "I have never said that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) should withdraw from Tibet."

Zhou Yuan, a research fellow at CTRC, said that in the "five-point peace plan for Tibet" proposed by the Dalai Lama in 1987 in the US, he plainly wrote in black and white that "the establishment of a peace zone in Tibet would require the withdrawal of Chinese troops and military installations," "only a withdrawal of Chinese troops could start a genuine process of reconciliation," and the "withdrawal of troops is an important signal indicating that there is a possibility to establish a meaningful relationship with the Han Chinese on the basis of friendship and trust in the future." In the second point of his proposal he said, "For the Tibetans to survive as a people, it is imperative that the population transfer is stopped and Chinese settlers return to China." In the "seven-point new suggestions" the Dalai Lama made in 1988 in Strasbourg, France, he added, "a regional peace conference should be called to ensure the demilitarization of Tibet."

According to the Dalai Lama's assumptions, after Chinese troops have withdrawn, he will hold an "international peace conference" and build the "Tibetan Region" into an "international peace zone."

According to propaganda material on the "middle way" approach issued in 2005 by the Tibetan "government-in-exile," the "Strasbourg proposals" were put forward by the Dalai Lama and determined in a democratic way, and hence, should not be altered. Samdhong Rinpoche, the "prime minister" of the Tibetan "government-in-exile" also declared in 2008 that it is a core issue that there are no troops in the autonomous region. Therefore, the Dalai Lama's separatist requirement for the withdrawal of troops and the removal of Han Chinese from Tibet is the basic content of his "middle way" approach. The Dalai Lama has not abandoned such beliefs moreover he continuously puts forward new, more unreasonable and rude requirements.

Tibetologists noted that troops provide basic preservation of a country's sovereignty and territorial integrity, national security and social stability. No country can agree to withdraw its troops from its own territory. Lian Xiangmin, a research fellow at CTRC, said pointedly that, "If China had no troops in Tibet, there would be no way for the Central Government to oversee national defense." Therefore, the Dalai Clique's opinions are not only conflicting, but also are complete lies to cheat others.

By People's Daily Online

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