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11:03 Mar 31 2009

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Tibetan word processing software donated to China's Qinghai
11:03, March 31, 2009  

The China Standard Software Company donated 260,000 packages of Tibetan word processing software to the Qinghai provincial government on Saturday.

Valued at 12 million yuan RMB, the software is expected to help enhance Tibetan word processing ability of government offices, and other departments in education, health and other fields in the Tibetan-inhabited areas of Qinghai.

Han Naiping, general manager of the Shanghai-based company, said the software was developed in joint effort with the authoritative institutes of Tibetan language research. The former Ministry of Information Industry and Shanghai city government also vigorously supported research and design of the software.

The processing system is very practical and entirely Tibetan. Except for basic functions of ordinary office software, the system has special features of automatic hyphenation of Tibetan words, displaying time, numerals, bulleted lists, item numbers, and provides art fonts of Tibetan wods. Mixed typesetting of Tibetan-Han, Tibetan-English, text-graphics, and automatic typesetting are also made available.

According to the Informatization Office of the government of Qinghai Province, the packages are to be distributed to 20 organizations including governments of six Tibetan Autonomy Prefectures, Qinghai Ethnic Affairs Commission, Qinghai Education Commission, Qinghai Animal Disease Control and Prevention Center, Qinghai Tibetan-language newspapers and Qinghai University.

Source: Xinhua

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