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09:14 Apr 07 2009

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Knowlege brings ideas
09:14, April 07, 2009  

24-year-old college graduate Lamao Tashi, assistant of the Party Secretary of Tanglongduo village in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, has become popular among the local people.

Half a year ago, Lamao Tashi was enrolled into the village to work and he has won great achievement by hard work.

One day, when he was checking the medical information about villagers and found a few households didn't join in medical assurance. He visited them and persuade them into doing that. A few days later, a villager of them got sick and enjoyed the medical care concerned. After that the villagers believed in him even more.

Up to now, 27 graduates work in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, which brings vitality to the prefecture. An eld village official said:"Knowlege brings ideas. College graduates contribute a lot in our prefecture."

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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