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17:03 Apr 08 2009

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Sherpa sets out for 19th climb of Mt. Everest
15:57, April 08, 2009  

Nepal's world record holder Appa Sherpa, who has climbed the Mt. Qomolangma 18 times, plans to summit the peak for the 19th time this spring climbing season.

He was due to leave Nepali capital Kathmandu for the mountain on Monday, but his flight was cancelled due to bad weather, The Kathmandu Post reported on Tuesday.

Appa, who currently lives in Salt Lake City of the United States and works as a climbing instructor and gives lectures as well, came to Nepal last week.

Appa first climbed the mountain in 1990 with Peter Hillary, son of late Sir Edmund Hillary.

In a related development, three Nepali Sherpa brothers plan to bid for another world record to stay on top of the Mt. Qomolangma for 24 hours this spring, local media reported on Tuesday.

According to, Pemba Dorje Sherpa, 30, Nima Gyalzen Sherpa, 31, and Phurba Sherpa, 20, are set to fly to Lukla for the record-breaking climb, said Tilak Panday, a top officer with the Mountaineering Division of the State Tourism Ministry.

The three brothers are seeking to break the record set by Babu Chiri Sherpa, who stayed atop the mountain for 20 hours in 1999.

Crowded Base Camp

The base camp at the Nepali side will be crowded in near future as 58 climbing teams consisting of 600 climbers have already received permits to climb the Mt. Qomolangma this season, according to Panday, an officer with the Mountaineering Division of the State Tourism Ministry.

"We are still receiving applications," he was quoted by Tuesday's as saying.

Teams aiming to set foot on the top of the world are coming from Japan, the United States, Colombia, Singapore, Peru, Finland, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Britain, New Zealand, Germany and Austria.

Last year, 33 teams climbed the mountain from the Nepali side.


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