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10:46 Apr 14 2009

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TAR high officials support ITP's research in Tibet
10:04, April 14, 2009  

Recently, a delegate of high official of the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) People's Government visited the Lhasa campus of the ITP(Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research), led by Vice Chairman Wu Yingjie of the TAR.

After the poster show demonstrating the history and the academic achievement of the ITP in the Tibetan Plateau study, Vice Chairman Wu and visiting delegates visited the Key Laboratory of CAS for Tibetan Plateau Environmental Changes and Land Surface Processes, as well as the ultra-clean room in the Lhasa campus. In the meeting with ITP administrative and work staff, Vice Chairman Wu was informed of the progress of the institution in cooperating with the Tibet University by Prof. Fang Xiaomin, industrial emission and environmental pollution in South Asia by Prof. Xu Baiqing, and the TORP (Tibetan Observation and Research Platform) construction by Prof. Zhu Liping. Visiting group of officials thereafter expressed their willingness to cooperate with the ITP by promising unstinted support to the research of the ITP staff in the region.

Vice Chairman Wu made the final remark by affirming the distinguished achievement of the ITP since its establishment in 2003. He acknowledged the contribution of the ITP's academic research to Tibetan social and economic progresses in the past few years. He hoped that themed report would be held to local officials of the TAR in the future, helping improve their administration capacity of regional eco-environment. In the end, he asked relevant administrative staff in the TAR government to create a scientific research-friendly environment for the research staff of the ITP.

Source:Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research

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