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10:46 Apr 14 2009

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ITP promoted cooperation with the Tibet University
10:06, April 14, 2009  

Recently, an ITP(Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research) delegation met with administrative staff of the Tibet University (TU) at Lhasa for ITP-TU cooperation.

Both sides focused on such aspects as classes hosting, talents cultivation, textbook composition, application for research funds, joint establishment of laboratory and field stations, and reached the initial agreement etc. In particular, both sides agreed on detailed information in class hosting as their major subjects to undergraduates. The ITP would host recommended staff from the TU for a period of time, so that they would be better equipped to conduct their teaching. Both sides promised to join hands in writing textbooks of geography and geology in Tibetan, as well as composing science popularizing materials in Tibetan. The ITP would help the TU in applying for qualification to issue master's degree in areas of geography, geology and ecology. To improve the academic research level of the TU, both sides would jointly invite relevant experts to introduce the fund application processes, share the experience of the funded ITP research staff in their funds application. Regarding the joint construction of laboratory and field stations, both sides would push forward the establishment of the 'Laboratory of unique Tibetan environment and protection', targeting at unique geological environment in Tibet, its land surface processes and ecological environment. Besides, the ITP would facilitate the TU in the construction of 'Nagqu ecological station.'

Source:Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research

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