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11:06 Apr 14 2009

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Tibet institutes internship system for college graduates
11:01, April 14, 2009  

Tibet has established an internship system for college graduates, with nine internship bases and 100 jobs confirmed, according to the Tibet Regional Department of Personnel.

Under the new system, college graduates will have a transitional period before getting employed, said Pi Dazhong, deputy director of the department.

All the interns will get living allowances according to the local minimum monthly salary (730 yuan in Lhasa, Shannan, Nagqu and Ngari prefectures and 680 yuan in Nyingchi, Xigaze and Chamdo prefectures).

During the internship, the employers shall be responsible for the management of and services for the interns. Interns will enjoy priority in getting employed if these companies have job vacancies.

The internship jobs cover 20 majors, including financing, technological management, tourism management and marketing.

Tibetan college graduates who remain unemployed for two years after graduation can apply for the internship program. Other graduates from zero-employment families and needy families will be prioritized in taking an internship.


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