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15:40 Apr 14 2009

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Tenzin Chepa: Tibetan culture, a dazzling pearl forever
14:37, April 14, 2009  

Tenzin Chepa, former director-general of the China Tibetology Research Center is having a speech, photo from China Journalists Association.

"The development of Tibetan culture reached an unprecedented prosperity due to the positive policy from Chinese government and the good environments under Tibet's modernization and social developments," Tenzin Chepa said on the 4th "News Cafe" held by the China Journalists Association on April 13 with more than 50 foreign journalists, embassy press officers and reporters from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in attendance.

Tenzin Chepa said the Tibetan people have created and developed their brilliant and distinctive culture during the long history and made Tibetan culture a dazzling pearl in the treasure-house of Chinese culture as well as that of the world as a whole. However, the central government has taken positive measures to protect and carry forward such a dazzling pearl.

In 1980, the first Tibetan literary journal "Arts of Tibet" was published with Tenzin Chepa as the editor-in-chief. He said:"'Arts of Tibet' is not only a base for Tibetan literature but also promotes the popularity of Tibetan language through the form of literature and cultivates a group of Tibetan authors. Nowadays, Tibetan language has been widely used in our life with Tibetan newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs appearing."

The prosperity of Tibetan culture can not be separated from the great importance attached by government. Since the 80's of last century, an activity was started to collect Tibetan folk stories, songs and proverbs. In nearly 20 years, Tenzin Chepa and his colleagues have collected 780 Tibetan myths, legends and stories, including 179 legends, 339 stories, and 262 myths. And all these folk literature can be further divided into categories by people, animals, traditions, customs, jokes and others.

Moreover, Tenzin Chepa took part in editing Tibetan ancient books such as "Tibetan Tripitaka" and the "Encyclopedia of Tibetan medicine prescriptions" and witnessed the establishment of the Tibetan People's Publishing House in 1972. He said:"The publications in Tibet changed from being carved on the wood into printed on paper since printing technology and equipments introduced in Tibet in 70's of last century. There are only one thousand sets of printed 'Tibetan Tripitaka' with the value of 800,000 yuan per set."

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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