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15:46 Apr 15 2009

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45 Tibetan school principals receive training in Shanghai
13:32, April 15, 2009  

On April 14, 45 middle school principals from the Tibet Autonomous Region will begin a month-long advanced training at East China Normal University.

This is the first exclusive training course offered to Tibetan middle school principals by the Middle School Principals Training Center under the University's Education Department.

All trainees are middle-aged or young middle school principals from regions including Lhasa, Changdu, Ali, Naqu, Linzhi, Shannan and Xigaze, and 80 percent are ethnically Tibetan.

Their training program in the coming month includes attending theoretical lectures and seminars.

They will also carry out educational research in schools in the Yangtze River Delta region in connection with the situation in Tibet to learn about the macro-background of development in contemporary education and the practice and trials in middle school educational reform.

In order to broaden their visions, upgrade their notions and widen their thoughts in school management, the program will also focus on exchanges and studies on mental health education of middle school students, moral education in middle schools, improvement of weak middle schools and quality-oriented education in the new era.

By China Tibet Online

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