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12:18 Apr 19 2009

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Gansu to maintain social stability, economic growth in Tibetan-inhabited areas
12:18, April 19, 2009  

The government of Gansu Province in northwestern China will take a series of measures to ensure the stability in the Tibetan-inhabited areas and promote the sustainable economic development in those areas.

The overall situation in the Tibetan-inhabited areas has been stable and the economy has been developing rapidly, Lu Hao, secretary of the Gansu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, said at a meeting on Monday. With the improvement of various undertakings, the society has been harmonious on the whole, he added.

The leader said that but the Dalai clique would never change its attempt to split Tibet from the motherland and the anti-China forces in the west would not change their ill intentions against China. Therefore, it is still very arduous to maintain the harmony and stability in the Tibetan-inhabited areas in Gansu, he pointed out.

He stressed that the Party should help people to understand that the struggle against the Dalai clique is not an issue on ethnic groups, religion and human rights, but a struggle against penetration, secession and subversion. It is a struggle against the "westernization" and "division."

Therefore, CPC organizations at various levels must implement to the letter the Communist Party's policies on religions, do a better job in grass-roots units in Tibetan-inhabited areas, in order to enable the areas to enjoy long-term stability.

To maintain stability in such areas, Party organizations at all levels must take effective measures to ensure the early start of reconstruction in quake-affected areas, especially Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in southwestern Gansu.

In the prefecture, 70,000 houses collapsed in a quake that occurred last year following the massive May 12 earthquake in neighboring Sichuan Province.

Effective measures will also be adopted to promote the competitive industries and tourism in those Tibetan-inhabited areas, to lay a solid foundation for economic development there.

Government officials at all levels should help residents improve their livelihood and spend more in education, medical care and social insurance.

Source: Xinhua

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