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09:31 Apr 28 2009

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Tibet to complete welfare housing project one year earlier
09:21, April 28, 2009  

Tibet will provide welfare housing for 219,800 households of farmers and herders one year ahead of schedule, according to the region's Office for the Welfare Housing Project for Farmers and Herders.

Meanwhile, Lhasa City, Nyingchi and Ngari prefectures will lead all others areas in Tibet in launching the remaining 20 percent of the project.

A Tibetan family spent the Tibetan New Year, which fell on Feb. 25, in their new house at Yabda village, Yabda Town, Doilungdeqen County, west Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, on Feb. 26, 2009. (Xinhua Photo)

The year 2009 is essential to the welfare housing project, said a leading official of the project. The office will mobilize the initiative of farmers and herders and try hard to reduce the housing costs.

Meanwhile, in undertaking the project, priority will be given to residents in remote areas. Financially difficult residents will enjoy priority in terms of subsidies, funds and resources.

In accordance with the requirements of the Tibet Autonomous Regional Government, all cities and counties should speed up building comprehensive public venues and related facilities in the countryside. A drive, titled "green home," will also be launched to make countryside look cleaner and tidier.


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