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09:37 Apr 29 2009

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Lhasa to install beer production line, upgrade power grid
09:31, April 29, 2009  

The projects to upgrade Lhasa's urban power grid and build a barley beer production base were launched in Lhasa Economic Development Zone Sunday.

The grid project that will cost 235 million yuan involves the construction of a 110-kv substations in the Lhasa Economic Development Zone, and reconstruction of four ones as well as small- and medium-voltage lines.

The foundation laying ceremony of the barley beer production base was held in the Lhasa Economic Development Zone on April 26, 2009. (Source:

Meanwhile, the newly-established Tibetan Tiandi Beverage Co., LTD will invest 880 million yuan in installing a barley beer production line with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons. It will also build a factory to produce 500 million bottles annually.

Upon completion, the beer production project is expected to offer 700 jobs. It will have an annual turnover of one billion yuan, pay 100 million yuan in taxes to the government and earn 200 million yuan in after-tax profit.


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