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09:57 Apr 29 2009

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Expert: Tibetan issues shouldn't be ldeologized
09:54, April 29, 2009  

A visiting Tibetologist urged overseas Tibetans on Tuesday to offer practical assistance to Tibetans in China and not to ideologize the Tibetan issue.

Ge Lek, a renowned Tibetologist from east Tibet Autonomous Region of China, made the remarks at a forum on modern Tibet held here at the University of Westminster.

Tibetan compatriots living abroad should help Tibetans back in China live a happy and better life and not to over ideologize the Tibetan issue. Otherwise, it might lead to confrontations between countries, and estrangement among nationalities, which are of no good to grassroots Tibetans, said Ge Lek, deputy director general at China Tibetology Research Center who is leading a delegation of Tibetologists for an academic exchange in Britain.

Ge Lek used case studies from his long-term research and study to show a vivid modern-day life in Tibet, where in pursuing business opportunities in a market-driven society, Tibetans start to rediscover their traditions and culture.

During the one-day forum on Tuesday, the Chinese Tibetologists briefed a 50-strong mainly academic audience on both historical issues such as disagreement between China and Britain over the status of Tibet in the past century, as well as development and reforms in Tibet in the modern age.

Presentations were met warm responses from the participants whose questions ranged from sustainability of Tibetan culture and tradition, religious freedom, to dialogues between Dalai Lama and the central government, as well as the balance between modernization and preservation of traditions.

The academics also interacted with Tibetans living in Britain, trying to understand their concerns. Ge Lek called on them to focus more on the 4 million Tibetans living in China, which is an overwhelming number compared with those living in exile.

The forum was jointly hosted by the China Association for Preservation and Development of Tibetan Culture and Dibyesh Anand from the University of Westminster.

Anard was impressed with the open-minded academic air at the forum, and hoped to attract more international Tibetologists for future exchanges.


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