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14:03 May 05 2009

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Tibetan students in Sichuan receive free vocational training
13:58, May 05, 2009  

A total of 8,000 Tibetan students in Tibetan-inhabited areas in southwest China's Sichuan Province will study in secondary vocational schools for free in other parts of China this autumn.

Photo taken on April 24, 2008 shows Baima Tibetan student Wang Min learns to use a multi-purpose meter under the instrution of a teacher. Wang majors in electronics and mechanical engineering, and is studying in Pingwu Advanced Vocational School in Sichuan Province, southwest China.(Xinhua Photo)

According to the Provincial Educational Department, 80 schools have been chosen to receive those students, with the enrollment to start in May.

In spring this year, 300 Tibetan students departed from Sichuan to receive free vocational education. They are all children of local Tibetan farmers and herders.


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