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08:22 May 08 2009

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Tibet witnesses great changes in education
08:19, May 08, 2009  

Since the Democratic Reform was launched in Tibet in 1959, especially since China initiated the the reform and opening-up reform in 1979, the Central Government has pursued a series of policies to push forward the developemt of Tibet's education sector.

In old Tibet, there was not a single regular school in the modern sense. The enrollment rate for schooling-age children was less than two percent, and the illiteracy rate for young people was as high as 95 percent.

Photo shows students who have received their Masters's degrees in a university in Tibet. (Photo:

In 2008, 73 cities, counties and districts in the autonomous region made six-year compulsory education universal and eliminated illiteracy. Moreover, 70 counties made nine-year compulsory education universal and cut the illiteracy rate to 2.4 percent.

Manwhile, the enrollment rate for the children of the primary school age reached 98.5, that for those of the junior school age, 92.2 percent, and that for those of the senior school age, 51.2. The average length of education for the whole population in Tibet was 6.3 years.

Students in the Kong Fansen Elementry School in Ngari Prefecture in western Tibet are having an audio class. (Photo:

Tibet now has 312,000 primary school students, 140,000 junior middle school ones and 45,000 senior school ones in 2008. It has six colleges with nearly 30,000 students, with the enrollment rate of higher education hitting 19.7 percent. It also has seven secondary technical schools with 21,000 students.

Tibet has now instituted a comprehensive and modern ethnic education system covering preschool, elementary and middle school education, special education, vocational education, higher education and adult education.

Source: Tibet Daily/Xinhuanet

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