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15:15 May 08 2009

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Graduates serving in Tibet village
15:02, May 08, 2009  

Li Qianqian(L, 2nd), a college graduate as village cadre in Donggar township of Tohlung Dechen is exchanging health insurance knowledge with her colleagues, photo from Xinhua.

Photo shows Tibetan graduate Dekyi(L) serving as village cadre in Neqoin township, photo from Xinhua.

Li Qianqian(R) is talking with a Tibetan woman, photo from Xinhua.

In 2008, 284 college graduates passed the public examination and served as village cadres in village committees successfully. In the past one year, they got warm welcome among the local Tibetans.

Moreover, this year Tibet will recruit 300 college graduates to be village cadres with more than 1,400 students registered to attend the examination up to now.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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