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12:56 May 10 2009

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Tibet's Xigaze receives 64,507 tourists in Q1
12:35, May 10, 2009  

Xigaze Prefecture, southeastern Tibet, received 64,507 domestic and foreign tourists in the first quarter of this year, generating a total revenue of 31.26 million yuan RMB, according to the Xigaze Prefectural Tourism Bureau.

To brace for the peak tourist season, Xigaze has introduced many themed promotions, such as "Xigaze-hometown of Mt. Qomolangma", "trip to Mt. Qomolangma" and "trip to Red River Valley", said Li Liangjun, director of the bureau.

Through these promotions, Xigaze's tourism has been reviving since April, with the occupancy rate of major hotels standing at 35 percent.

Meanwhile, statistics show that the Tashilhunpo Monastery was visited by an average of 150 tourists per day, and even 200 during the peak hours in the first half of April.

Li said that his bureau would certainly meet the target of receiving 650,000 tourists set earlier this year, with a total revenue of 280 million yuan RMB in 2009.

Source: Tibet Daily/Xinhuanet

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