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08:44 May 12 2009

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China earmarks 3.4 bln yuan for Tibet in last 2 years
08:43, May 12, 2009  

The Central Government allocated 3.42 billion yuan and arranged 881 million yuan as local supportive funds for the Tibet Autonomous Region in 2008 and 2009 to help build 767 projects in the region, said the Tibet Development and Reform Commission.

The newly-added fund went primarily to the region's infrastructure, biogas pits, housing for farmers and herders, safe drinking water as well as welfare housing projects.

In 2008, the Central Government allocated 1.28 billion yuan for 464 projects, and in 2009, 2.13 billion yuan and 709 million yuan as local supportive funds for 303 projects.

Source: Xinhua

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