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09:34 May 13 2009

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Tibet to improve long-term eco-environmental protection system
09:33, May 13, 2009  

The government of Tibet Autonomous Region combined environmental protection with rural biogas pit construction, poverty alleviation as well as building permanent settlements for herdsmen.

"The high-quality biogas brings us a better life. It's very convenient for cooking and it's a clean and efficient energy," said Lhapa, a farmer of Dagze County, Lhasa.

According to Zhang Yongze, director of Environmental Protection Bureau of Tibet, the region has made tremendous efforts to strengthen ecological improvement and environmental protection, promote the sustainable development of its economy and society, and improve the quality of livelihood of people of various ethnic groups.

To boost local economic and social growth, the Central Government has adopted a series of preferential politics toward Tibet over the half century, and given it strong support in terms of finance, materials and manpower.

An extensive energy system has been formed in Tibet, with hydropower as the mainstay backed up by geothermal, wind and solar energy sources. The use of clean energy is encouraged in rural areas, and methane is available to 43,000 households.

Establishing nature reserves is an important move taken by Tibet to strengthen ecological improvement and environmental protection work and implement the strategy of sustainable development.

The comprehensive management of the ecological environment in cities and towns has also been stressed all the time.


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