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09:59 May 13 2009

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Tibet to protect 4 wetlands in Ngari Prefecture
09:36, May 13, 2009  

Tibet is to spend 37.72 million yuan protecting and restoring environment of four wetland areas in the second half of 2009, according to the Forestry Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Photo taken on July 24, 2008 shows a black-necked crane and a yak foraging on a wetland in the Longbaotan National Nature Reserve, the biggest bird reserve in the key area of Sanjiangyuan. It has an altitude of 4,260 m above sea level. (Xinhua Photo)

The four wetlands are seated in western Tibet's Ngari Prefecture, and they are the Mapham Yutso Wetland, Zhari Nanmucuo Wetland, Dong Co Lake, and Pangong Tso Lake.

The project will curb wetland degeneration, and bring the ecology functions of wetland into full play in water conservation, climate modulation, curbing soil erosion, and regulating water flow, etc.

Experts will be employed to make field investigation and research of the wetlands and present a plan in June.

Source: China Tibet Information Center/Xinhuanet

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