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10:29 May 14 2009

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Getting rich with vegetable in the shed
10:10, May 14, 2009  

A technician is teaching people of Panam county in Xigaze prefecture how to plant vegetables, photo from Tibet Daily.

Since the Panam county in Xigaze prefecture successfully planted vegetables in the shed experimentally in 1998, the county now has become the largest off-season vegetable production base on the plateau.

Up to the end of 2008, the county produced all kinds of vegetables of 21.27 million kg annually with 34 million yuan income and each person adds 721 yuan. Nowadays the income of vegetables occupies 17% of the gross earnings of the county's rural areas and 21% of the rural people's per capita net income.

(1 USD equals about 6.83 yuan.)

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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