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10:29 May 14 2009

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German tourists "full of expectations for trip to Tibet"
10:25, May 14, 2009  

With the revival of Tibet's tourism, more and more domestic and foreign tourists are coming to this pure land to appreciate its natural landscape and folk customs.

This is true for six Germans who just arrived at Zogang County, Chamdo Prefecture.

Photo taken on April 26, 2009 shows tourists line up to visit the Potala Palace. (Xinhua Photo)

After driving for a whole day, it was 09:00 p.m. when they arrived at the Zogang Hotel, but they were still energetic and contended with the tasty dinner served by the hotel. Pointing at a dish of peppery chicken, one member of the group thumbed up and said to the chef, "very delicious."

Wang Lun, the tour guide for the Germans, said that they entered China from Mohan Port of southwest China's Yunnan Province on May 3. Driving four cross-country vehicles, they plan to visit Yunnan, Tibet and Xinjiang, and leave China on May 30, with Tibet as the focus of the itinerary.

"We have always been longing for Tibet's natural scenery and unique folklore, since the perfect combination of the two is rarely seen in the world," said Klaus Michael, the leader of the tourist group, "we are full of expectations for the trip to Tibet."

A tour guide presents a Hada to a German tourist as he arrives at the railway station in Lhasa, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, April 4, 2009.(Xinhua Photo)

He said that since coming to China, they have been warmly received by people at different places, including Mangkang and Zogang counties in Tibet.

He mentioned a specific example: when they were receiving routine inspections in Zogang County, a police officer learned some English from the tour guide and extended warm greetings to them, which touched them deeply. "With such hospitable hosts, we believe we'll spend a memorable time in Tibet," Michael added.

After dinner, they drank beer while mulling over future travel plan. One of them said, "I really wish we could drive directly to Lhasa tomorrow."

Source: Tibet Daily/Xinhuanet

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