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15:25 May 14 2009

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Tasting western food in Lhasa
15:20, May 14, 2009  

A canteen in French style; the chef cooks each dish according to the guest's taste, photo by Kungsang Lhamo from CTIC.

A grand western food canteen, photo by Kungsang Lhamo from CTIC.

A western food canteen in Tibetan style, photo by Kungsang Lhamo from CTIC.

A corner of a western food canteen, photo by Kungsang Lhamo from CTIC.

Being much different from the Tibetan food and Chinese food, western food also has won the local people's favor in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Since Tibet's peaceful liberation especially China's reform and opening up, Tibetan people not only can have enough food but also enjoy various kinds of food. Besides Tibetan food and Chinese food, western food is also popular among the local people.

Now in Lhasa, traditional Tibetan food, Chinese food and western food, which is said to arrive in China during the Qing Dynasty, mix with each other and absorb each other's advantages.

Deng Kaizhong, assistant of the general manager of the Tibet Meigao Food & Entertainment Company told the reporter: "With the development of Tibet's tourism, it is necessary to develop various food in the region. Western food culture not only boosts the local food culture but also is a complement."

The journalist visited many western food canteens such as "the Canteen on the Snow Plateau" and "Beefsteak in Tibet" and found that many service personnel can speak Tibetan, Chinese, English and other languages. Also some canteens not only offer western food, but also provide Tibetan food, Chinese food, Japanese food etc. Tourist from abroad feel at home when they come here.

Tibetan people pay much attention to the dietetical health, nutrition, dainty, sentiment and atmosphere while the western food culture happens to have the same view. That is why delicious western food is favored by common Tibetan people.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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