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08:22 May 18 2009

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Tibet enters 3G times
08:21, May 18, 2009  

On May 15, China Telecom Tianyi 3G service was launched around Tibet Autonomous Region and the 3G network test at the Qomolangma Base Camp also succeeded, photo from Xinhua, May 15, 2009.

China Telecom on May 15 launched its Tianyi 3G service in all the city and prefectures around the Tibet Autonomous Region, which marks Tibet has entered the 3G times with the rest of China.

On the same day, Tianyi 3G netowrk test was also made at the Base Camp of Qomolangma at the altitude of 5,200 meters. Video conference, photo transfer and wireless networking are all tested successfully. The 3G network is covered the whole Qomolangma area.

China Telecom invested 170 million yuan to build 249 outdoor APs in the fourth quarter of 2008, making the Tianyi 3G network fully cover all the city and prefectures except Medog.

This year the network coverage extension and optimization have been further strengthened and an investment of 220 million yuan for the first phase of the project has applied for 838 APs' construction. On completion, the coverage over Qinghai-Tibet Railway will reach to 80%.

Tianyi 3G is the largest business 3G network with widest coverage and fastest speed in Tibet, according to Li Xiaohua, manager of China Telecom Tibet Company.

The launch of Tianyi 3G service marks Tibet has entered 3G times with the other parts of China and it will dramatically improve Tibet's information-based level.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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