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15:23 May 27 2009

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Nawang Choeta: Remember history and cherish current life
15:22, May 27, 2009  

Led by Losang Jigme, director of Tibet regional ethnic and religious committee, monks from the Drepung Monastery paid a visit to the exhibition titled "Evidence of the Great Times--Collections of Social Life in Tibet in 50 Years" on May 26.

Stepping into the exhibition hall, many meaningful articles, such as "National flag chreished by old Tibetan grandma", "News Brief", "Copper scoop made of shrapnel by a former soldier of the PLA's 18th Army", "Invitation letter from Premier Zhou Enlai" and so on greet the audiences to reflect the great changes of Tibetans' social life in past 50 years.

A monk named Nawang Choeta stopped in front of the old photo titled "Chairman Mao meets the Tibetan youth delegation" for enjoy and he said:"In the photo, our first central government leader is in simple dress and it is easy to see how hard life was at that time. It made me realize that today's happy life is hard-won. Since the democratic reform in Tibet, great changes have taken place and people in Tibet live a happy life. We should remember history and cherish what we have today. As a member of religious circle, we should devote ourselves to promoting the harmony and stabilization of Tibetan society."

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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