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15:28 May 27 2009

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Special ceremony before Children's Day
15:25, May 27, 2009  

Children present hada to their "dads from frontier defence", photo by Gan Yunqi from CTIC.

Posing together, photo by Gan Yunqi from CTIC.

A soldier and a guardian of a poor family are signing the assistance agreement, photo by Gan Yunqi from CTIC.

Before the International Children's Day, which is to fall on June 1, the General Team of Publicity Security & Frontier Defence of China's Tibet launched a special ceremony for orphans and children from needy families to receive assistance from soldiers of the team. And agreements concerned have been signed, so 197 children have their new "soldier dads (moms)" before their holiday.

Having been launched for 4 years, this kind of activity aims to help children in poverty grow up healthily. Great results have been achieved and the local people appreciate the soldiers' efforts.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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