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09:42 Jun 01 2009

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Tibet reports 98.5% for enrollment rate of school-age children
09:40, June 01, 2009  

A Tibetan student from Lhasa No.1 Primary School is performing Tibetan dance, photo from Xinhua, May 29.

Tibetan students of Lhasa Jibenggang Primary School are playing games, photo from Xinhua, March 9.

Statistics show that the enrollment rate for school-age children in Tibet has amounted to 98.5 per cent and in all there are 884 primary schools in the Tibet Autonomous Region. In 2008, 70 counties in Tibet have popularized the nine-year compulsory education and children from farming and pasturing families can enjoy free tuition as well as food and boarding expenses for students in the stage of compulsory education.

Everything is quite different from the past. 50 years ago, the enrollment of school-age children in Tibet was less than 2% while the illiterate rate came to 95%.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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