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11:09 Jun 01 2009

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Feature: happy Children's Day in Lhasa
11:05, June 01, 2009  

The annual Children's Day, which falls on June 1, is a festival most cherished by children. Walking in the streets of Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, innocent, lovely and smiling faces are to be seen everywhere as it is a time of their own.

In Lhasa's Xinhua Bookstore, many children are choosing books accompanied by their parents. Gesang is searching for the Harry Potter series for his son, an eleven-year-old and a bookworm. The father said, "I've been searching for long for books that are suitable for kids, but haven't found many. Some books written for children are either over simplified or disliked by them. Now there is finally something he likes -- the Harry Potter series, so I bought them for him as a Children's Day present."

Photo taken on May 31 shows a Tibetan child performing in an activity held in Tibet's Shiyan Kindergarten to welcome the Children's Day.(Xinhua Photo)

In the bookstore there are also some boys and girls buying books on their own. Danzeng Zhuoga, a fifth-grader of Lhasa Experimental Primary School, came early in the morning and is choosing among fairy tales. Her parents couldn't come with her for they had to work, towards which the 10-year showed much understanding and made arrangements herself for the holiday: buying books in the morning, visiting grandmother in the afternoon, and watching cartoons in the evening.

The girl said: "I enjoy the Children's Day very much! On Saturday mornings I have to go to dancing classes and English classes in the afternoon; on Sundays I have to stay home doing homework. Only on this day can I do something I really want to do."

Amusement park is a favorite hangout for children, especially on the holiday of their own. The Jingxing Amusement Park in Lhasa has been full of joyous children in the recent days as June 1 draws near.

A girl performs Tibetan dance during the final of the first Sunny Babies Contest to celebrate the upcoming Children's Day in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region on May 30, 2009. Candidates show their talents in singing, dancing, prose and poetry reading and musical instruments playing. (Xinhua Photo)

Children in fours and fives, or in the company of their parents, are having a merry time in the park. Various entertainments and recreational programs bring them much joy and laughter.

Luodan said he had little time for his son for his work kept him so busy, but today is the day for children, and he spared a day off and plans to have a good day with his son.

A snack bar on the Youth Road in Lhasa is swarming with children and their parents, the latter are lining up in front of the counter while the former waiting patiently for their feast.

Deji, a fifth-grader, said her mother rarely brought her here for the food is expensive. On the Children's Day this year she asked for nothing but a dinner here as a gift, which is granted.

Several teenagers at the next table are having a feast, and one of them told the reporter that they are students of Lhasa No. 1 Primary School, and they were always busy with their study and had no time to hang out together. "But it is Children's Day and we decided to come out together and play. We've just left the Amusement Park, and later will play foot ball together."

Source: Tibet Daily/Xinhuanet

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