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11:25 Jun 01 2009

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Tibetan volunteers join Mt. Qomolangma Action for 1st time
11:22, June 01, 2009  

The inaugural ceremony of the Mt. Qomolangma Action 2009 was held in Beijing, April 22, 2009, photo from

Fifteen volunteers from the Tibet Autonomous Region have joined the annual Mt. Qomolangma Action at "the Third Polar of the Earth" for the first time and will fulfill scientific survey tasks with 15 other volunteers from other parts of China.

Starting from Beijing Friday, the volunteers, 30 in all, from various circles such as sci-tech, architecture, education and environmental protection arrived in Tibet's capital of Lhasa Sunday.

Volunteers of the Mt. Qomolangma Action 2009 at "the Third Polar of the Earth" arrived at the Lhasa Railway Station on May 31, photo from People's Daily online.

Before the action, they all have received physical and field survival training to adapt to the plateau environment conditions.

The action's organizer chose train-riding as their transportation to Tibet in a bid to help the volunteers tide over the adaptive phase of altitude sickness gradually.

Following scientific survey in this action, the first automatic platform for information sharing "HP International Center of Originality Experience" and a plateau eco-saving architecture will be set up.
Besides, an electro motor vehicle renting station at the highest altitude also will be built on Mt. Qomolangma Base Camp to provide environment-friendly transports to climbers and tourists from all over the world.


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