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14:51 Jun 19 2009

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Mainling in Tibet: A green pearl
14:45, June 19, 2009  

The Damnyain monument-the Gongbo beauty spot. (Tibet Daily Photo)

Girls of Lhoba ethnic group are weaving ornaments for hands. (Tibet Daily Photo)

The Ganlu Cavity in the Nanyigou tourist attraction. (Tibet Daily Photo)

Lhoba sword dance.(Tibet Daily Photo)

Occupying 460,000 acres, the Mainling county in Nyingchi prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region is surrounded by mountains and 48.11% of the county is covered with forest. As a "green pearl", it has rivers surging forward, wonderful rocks and steep gorges that attract tourists.

With the development of the local tourism in recent years, Mainling is becoming well-know around China for its unique landscapes and the folk customs and culture of Lhoba ethnic group.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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