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16:25 Jun 23 2009

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Official: China fully respects & protects Tibetan culture
16:23, June 23, 2009  

The Central Government and governments at all levels in Tibet have attached great importance to protecting and publicizing Tibetan culture, respecting people's freedom of religious belief as well as guartanteeing normal religious activities, said a Tibetan senior official, Gonpo Tashi at a press conference.

Gonpo Tashi, Standing Committee member and secretary-general of Tibet Autonomous Region's Committee of the Communist Party of China, on June 20 organized a press conference for a foreign media group in Lhasa, to answer questions about the region's tourism, social, economic and educational development.

He said people of all ethnic groups in Tibet had pulled their full weight to give an earthshaking new look to Tibet, and people's living standards have improved largely.

In 2008, Tibet has achieved 395.91 billion yuan in Gross National Product, increased by 65 times compared with that of 1959.

The per capita net income of rural Tibetans hits 3,176 yuan, a double-digit growth for 6 consecutive years, while the per capita disposable income of urban citizens reaches 12,482 yuan.

Moreover, social undertakings have made great stride forward.

Up till the end of 2008, the enrolment rate of school-age children in Tibet has climbed to 98.5% while the illiteracy rate of the young and middle-aged has dropped to 2.4%.

Before 1951, only some 2,000 people were educated, 95% youth and middle-aged people were illiterate.

He emphasized the Central Government and governments at all levels in Tibet had attached great importance and done their endeavors to protect, carry forward as well as publicize Tibetan culture.

Tibetan people's freedom of religious belief and folk-custom receives high respects while all ethnic minorities in Tibet live according to their folk-customs and participate in all kinds of social activities at their wills.

The group of foreign journalists arrived in Lhasa on June 18, paying much attentions to Tibet's tourism, social, economic and educational progresses.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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